Sunday, February 21, 2016

Introducing in English Language

Introduction in English Speaking:

An introduction is needed each and every time when you face a new person or stranger in your circle. There are many ways to introduce yourself and to introduce your family, friends or others. Introducing yourself to someone does not mean that you are just telling your name. The introduction can include other details such as: where you are from, where you work, your hobbies, age etc. Please check the examples below:

  • Introduce yourself:

Hi, my name is Sam Wilson.

Hey, this is David Wolfe, the manager. You can call me Dave (Nick Name).

Hello! I am Raj.

  • Introducing Others:

I would like to introduce you to John, my brother.

Let me introduce you to Nancy, my secretary.

He is my friend, Peter.

Meet my childhood friend, Vicky.

  • Sharing Other Information:

I live in Dallas, Texas.

I am from LA, California.

I love Rugby.

I am good at playing chess.

I work as an Engineer.

A conversation:

Sam: Hello! My name is Sam Wilson, the Supervisor at ABC Inc. How are you doing today?

David: I am doing well. This is David Wolfe, the manager of XYZ Company. Nice to meet you.

Sam: Same here. David, Let me introduce you to Nancy, my secretary.

Nancy: How do you do? (Hello!)

David: How do you do? (Hello!)

Sam:  Where are you from David?

David: I live in Dallas, Texas. How about you?

Sam: I am from LA, California.

David: Hey, I have been there to watch National Rugby tournament last month.

Sam: Really, I love Rugby too.  

Practice your own sentences and Have Fun!

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