Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Basic Telecommunication Tips

Telecommunication means the communication done over the phone.
In general, communication includes a proper transference, meaning, understanding and voice modulation.

In order to maintain a proper transference we need to maintain a parallel conversation. Sometimes if we have to interrupt, we interrupt politely if needed. For the transference active listening is also required between the two person.

In a communication, whatever we say to communicate should have meaning or should make sense to the receiver.

Understanding is really very important in a communication. Even if we know what understanding is we need to show understanding in a conversation. Basically we use Uh-huh, OK, All right, Great, Perfect, Wow, Excellent, Amazing, Good to know, I can understand, I am sorry etc.. to show understanding in a communication.

And last but not the least is Voice Modulation. We modulate our voice by maintaining fluency, clarity, pace, pause, pitch, power, volume, emphasis and inflection. Please Click Here to read about Voice Modulation.

Apart from these four factors Voice and Accent also makes the communication more effective. Please Click Here to read about Voice and Accent.

These all are included in telecommunication and comes under Verbal Communication.
But yet a telecommunication can be made more effective by knowing and implementing the Non Verbal Communication Skills.

In a telecommunication non verbal communication includes your mood according to the situation, body posture, expressions, emotions according to the situation, focus, visualizing the next person etc which reflects on your voice and the next person can feel it.

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