Voice Modulation

Voice is GOD's gift and no one is born voice rich, it needs to be trained enough to modulate, variate and able to perform professionally for required time. Here i have few TIPS for you to regulate your throat to produce variation and modulation in your voice as and when necessary. Basically, Voice Modulation is a change in stress, pitch, loudness, or tone of the voice and an inflection of the voice. which gives your voice mood meaning and sounds attractive. You can utilize this too.

Here are few components of voice modulation.

Pace or Speech speed: It must always be at a speed that the listener can understand. Put the pace at that speed where the listener can understand you properly.

Pitch or Depth of voice: Keep it at a level that is comfortable for you and don’t strain your vocal cords.

Pause: Pauses should be given at required intervals like where there is punctuation. It is given to let the listener absorb your information. It is given for emphasis and dramatic effect. 

Power: In order to create power in your voice you should not speak from your mouth but from inside from the abdomen, make it commanding by generating  intensity in your voice.

Volume: Try and match your listener’s speech volume, unless they are shouting. Try dropping your volume so that they have to drop their volume to hear you. Maintain your volume according to the listener decrease or increase (do not shout to increase it be loud).

Emphasis: Put emphasis by putting some pressure or focus on the key words or syllables in order to provide contrast to your words bring out their desired meaning.

Inflection: Inflection means ups and downs of words. In combination inflection links meaning and feeling with your words.

It is an adjustment of the pitch or tone of voice to become enough to be clearly heard and understood by folks....

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